English teaching service by foreign teachers
Native English Speaker (NES) / Non-Native (NNES)

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Looking for a foreign teacher Foreign teachers must be at English fluency.
communications Service for recruiting foreign teachers Teach English at all levels.

If schools, institutions, and organizations are experiencing this problem.....
- Hire foreign teachers But I don't know how to teach. Is it really quality?
- Want to hire an English teacher Native speaker level I don't know where to look.
- Decided to hire foreign teachers But I don't have a teaching certificate before.
- After agreeing to hire Not in accordance with the agreed conditions
- Teachers do not care for children as they should.
- and various problems in selecting foreign teachers

English fluency communication We can fix these problems.

Here... We provide English teaching services by foreign teachers NES/NNES.
English fluency communication We understand all the needs of schools, organizations and agencies. who want an English teacher

Our foreign teachers Can teach at all levels. From kindergarten, primary and secondary school to working age, teaching will focus on listening-speaking and conversation skills to be able to communicate professionally in everyday English.
English Fluency Communication Company Limited  is confident in the potential of foreign teachers. who join the same family as our team. All teachers have passed the selection process. and is certified to teach foreign languages (TEFL), ready to teach immediately So that students can truly develop their English skills.


Visa Non-B & Workpermit service

There is a Thai coordinator to take care of you throughout the academic year.

Arrange an English curriculum to meet the school's needs.

Supervise, monitor and evaluate for efficiency.

English Camp service

English fluency communication services

Providing 100% foreign teachers. What kind of teacher do you want? You can choose.
Looking for foreign teachers for teaching English But I don't know where to look. If you want a 100% native speaker teacher, come consult with us. English fluency communication Service for recruiting foreign teachers with teaching experience Guaranteed teacher quality Trained and has a teaching foreign language (TEFL) certificate. Good teachers, caring for children, focusing on the goal of students being successful in improving their English from young children to working age.

Not just an English teacher... Teachers of specific subjects also have a choice.
If the school educational institution Not looking for foreign teachers To teach English only through English fluency communication There are also specialized subject teachers to choose from. Choose abilities according to your desired qualifications, including science, mathematics, physical education, social studies, music, art, and more.

Help organize classes systematic teaching Emphasis is placed on giving students real practice.
because of teaching With 100% foreign teachers, students Practiced courage skills and more confidence English fluency communication Therefore, there is a service to help organize classes. systematic teaching In order to achieve the goals of the students When foreign teacher services are available We can plan lessons to teach step by step. Develop students from the beginning until able to compare with native speakers

Organize an English Camp to develop skills for Thai people all over the country.
In addition to promoting learning within school institutions, English fluency communication We also organize English camps for schools. and various agencies All over the country as well With a professional team Lecturers for foreign teachers and Thai teachers People with knowledge and ability to organize activities There is also a recreational team. Complete media and equipment Ready to develop students effectively

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Why must you choose the service of recruiting foreign teachers with English fluency communication?
- Can choose foreign teachers according to the desired features
- There are foreign teachers that are 100% native speakers to choose from
- Managed by a team of people with knowledge and long experience in organizing education with expertise
- Have a professional team who are ready to talk and agree on various offers with the school honestly
- There is a supervision team and follow up and evaluate teachers' teaching. Both in the IEP, MEP, EP curriculum.
- All foreign teachers are qualified, have undergone study and training, and have a certificate for teaching English as a Foreign Languages (TEFL)
- Foreign teacher services for schools and various agencies, both public and private, throughout the country.
- Foreign teacher services That has the ability to teach specific subjects including science, mathematics, society, music, art, and others.
- Foreign teachers have an understanding of Thai culture and Thai education to meet the needs of schools, institutions, and various agencies.
- Evaluation of the quality of foreign teachers provided Most of them have no work problems at all or very few problems. and improve the quality of individual teacher teaching
- All foreign teachers are screened for excellent quality. before being sent to teach in schools
- Take care of Visa and Work Permit work for foreign teachers. Help reduce the burden on schools.
- Providing housing for foreign teachers Convenient for teachers' work
- Arrange substitute teachers In the case of full-time foreign teachers being absent from work, there is a reason why they are unable to teach. Make teaching continuous without missing teachers
- Adjust the teaching curriculum to suit schools, institutes, and various agencies.
- Give advice and listen to criticism and compliments of foreign teachers.

Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to express yourself with foreign teachers.
” Being in the environment learn english with foreign teachers who are native speakers directly You can really improve your English skills. Change people who are shy about language to dare to think, dare to speak, and dare to express themselves naturally. Of course, studying will get successful results. Selection of teacher quality is the most important thing and here... English fluency communication Service for recruiting foreign teachers To develop the potential of Thai people especially

Looking for foreign teachers, 100% native English speakers, Native English Speaker level, trusted to provide English fluency communication. Help service One place...complete with every step.

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