A collection of techniques for memorizing vocabulary so that you don't forget to use it all the time.

A collection of techniques for memorizing vocabulary so that you don't forget to use it all the time.

Nowadays, everyone is probably looking for good techniques or tips for memorizing English vocabulary. for use in classroom exams Use in everyday conversation or for other reasons, memorizing vocabulary can be considered a problem that no one must have experienced before while learning English. Today we will introduce 9 techniques for memorizing vocabulary for friends to use. Deploy To be able to remember vocabulary quickly and remember it for a long time, let's see!

9 (not) secret tips How to memorize vocabulary for real results!

To be used in everyday life
One of the ways to become more proficient in the language. That is to put it into practice. Because we will be able to remember the principles of use. The body will learn and remember. to put it to better use We may use vocabulary memorization by applying it to various situations that we encounter in our daily lives, such as memorizing words found in the places we live every day, etc.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing must be complete.

In addition to memorizing vocabulary We should practice language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing completely so that we can remember things in a coherent way. This results in memorizing vocabulary more efficiently as well. For example, we may listen to English songs, sing along and memorize additional vocabulary that we see each day.


Use vocabulary Be in the same group

For example, remembering words that have the same meaning. But used in different situations, we will gradually increase the vocabulary in our heads to be better, such as the words end and finish, which have similar meanings, "finish", are similar but are different.

The roots are important.

in remembering certain words Remembering the roots of words helps us understand the meaning of the word better and more deeply. For example, the word mono is derived from the Greek word one. And words that use this root word, such as monotone, mean speaking in original voice One sound all the time, etc.

Memorizing vocabulary by taking notes

One of the simplest and most effective techniques. That is, memorizing vocabulary by taking notes regularly, doing it often, and possibly posting post-it notes in various places that are related to the word, such as putting the word radio on our radio. When we see it with our own eyes often, we will begin to remember it. and get used to it naturally

Memorizing vocabulary with flashcards

Another way to memorize vocabulary is both fun and effective. It can also be carried anywhere, convenient, and can be taken out to memorize at any time. You can also make it into a fun vocabulary game to play with friends!

Play games that help you remember vocabulary.

next to flashcards We may add fun to learning. Memorizing vocabulary by playing various skill training games, whether it be English board games Or play various online games that have both vocabulary within the game. and foreign language conversations with other players as well

Memorize vocabulary regularly

For memorizing vocabulary The things that are most important That is the intention to learn. Concentrate on remembering regularly and consistently because of regular practice. It will help us to become familiar. and remember things better which is that consistency We may only remember a few words a day. Just a few hours. As long as we have determination and practice regularly. We will definitely never forget.

Memorizing vocabulary with pictures through Mind Mapling

Using My Map will help us remember various words well and also understand the connections between different words well. Memorizing with images It has been proven to help make remembering easier. and organize thoughts in various details better as well

The more vocabulary you remember every day The longer you remember

We're done with 9 techniques for remembering English vocabulary that we've brought to you today. Friends, you can apply these techniques to remember your friends' vocabulary. We hope that our article will make you... Friends, understand the principles of memorizing vocabulary more. and can be further applied to other learning