A collection of techniques for memorizing vocabulary so that you don't forget to use it all the time.

A collection of techniques for memorizing vocabulary so that you don't forget to use it all the time. Nowadays, everyone is probably looking for good techniques or tips for memorizing English vocabulary. for use in classroom exams Use in everyday conversation or for other reasons, memorizing vocabulary can be considered a problem that no one must have experienced before while learning English. Today we will introduce 9 techniques for memorizing vocabulary for friends to use. Deploy To be able to remember vocabulary quickly and remember it for a long time, let's see! 9 (not) secret tips How to memorize vocabulary for real results! To be used in everyday lifeOne of the ways to become more proficient in the language. That is to put it into practice. Because we will be able to remember the principles of use. The body will learn and remember. to put it to better use We may use vocabulary memorization by applying it to various situations that we encounter in our daily lives, such as memorizing words found in the places we live every day, etc. Listening, speaking, reading and writing must be complete. In addition to memorizing vocabulary We should practice language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing completely so that we can remember things in a coherent way. This results in memorizing vocabulary more efficiently as well. For example, we may listen to English songs, sing along and memorize additional vocabulary that we see each day.   Use vocabulary Be in the same group For example, remembering words that have the same meaning. But used in different situations, we will gradually increase the vocabulary in our heads to be better, such as the words end and finish, which have similar meanings, "finish", are similar but are different. The roots are important. in remembering certain words Remembering the roots of words helps us understand the meaning of the word better and more deeply. For example, the word mono is derived from the Greek word one. And words that use this root word, such as monotone, mean speaking in original voice One sound all the time, etc. Memorizing vocabulary by taking notes One of the simplest and most effective techniques. That is, memorizing vocabulary by taking notes regularly, doing it often, and possibly posting post-it notes in various places that are related to the word, such as putting the word radio on our radio. When we see it with our own eyes often, we will begin to remember it. and get used to it naturally Memorizing vocabulary with flashcards Another way to memorize vocabulary is both fun and effective. It can also be carried anywhere, convenient, and can be taken out to memorize at any time. You can also make it into a fun vocabulary game to play with friends! Play games that help you remember vocabulary. next to flashcards We may add fun to learning. Memorizing vocabulary by playing various skill training games, whether it be English board games Or play various online games that have both vocabulary within the game. and foreign language conversations with other players as well Memorize vocabulary regularly For memorizing vocabulary The things that are most important That is the intention to learn. Concentrate on remembering regularly and consistently because of regular practice. It will help us to become familiar. and remember things better which is that consistency We may only remember a few words a day. Just a few hours. As long as we have determination and practice regularly. We will definitely never forget. Memorizing vocabulary with pictures through Mind Mapling Using My Map will help us remember various words well and also understand the connections between different words well. Memorizing with images It has been proven to help make remembering easier. and organize thoughts in various details better as well The more vocabulary you remember every day The longer you remember We're done with 9 techniques for remembering English vocabulary that we've brought to you today. Friends, you can apply these techniques to remember your friends' vocabulary. We hope that our article will make you... Friends, understand the principles of memorizing vocabulary more. and can be further applied to other learning​

When is the best time to study English?

When is the most effective time to study English? Many parents Or people who are interested in learning languages may be wondering. At what time should I study? Will you study and understand or not? Today we will take everyone to find answers about studying together! What time of day should we start learning English? Is there a difference between studying in the morning and in the evening? When is the best time for the brain to be clear and ready to receive information for studying? Let's see!   When is a good time to start learning English? There are a total of 24 hours in 1 day. It must be said that each time period There will be a suitable time. Studying English. Each period has different strengths that are suitable for learning English. And of course, everyone can try and find the time that suits them best. The details for each time period that is suitable for learning a language are as follows. study english During the morning hours (5-10 a.m.) During the hours of 5:00 - 10:00 a.m., the brain will be clear. And can learn or receive a lot of information because the brain has been resting all night. Makes the brain more alert Suitable for learning Daily review before going to class or before actually using it is very good. Which is very suitable for studying every subject, even English is very suitable. especially memorizing vocabulary study english During the hours before noon (9-11 a.m. and 3 p.m.) This period can be called a golden time for learning. During this time our brains are most receptive and ready to learn. The brain will begin to process and work well. Have increased analytical thinking ability. Suitable for learning English in difficult sections. or must use the brain to analyze information such as grammar, sentence analysis, etc., suitable for reading writing the most study english During the afternoon (1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.) Between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., it's a time for creativity and imagination. which is suitable for promoting learning through creative learning activities Because the body will need energy to burn off the body from the lunch that just passed. It is recommended that we study English during this time. By inserting various activities or learning through various entertainment such as listening to podcasts. Listening to English movies or playing English games, etc., in addition to gaining knowledge It's also fun to study. It is considered a time to relax but also gain knowledge. study english During the evening (7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.) This period is another recommended time to review or study English. Because it is a quiet time to rest. It helps our brain to focus and concentrate better on studying or reviewing books. We may practice remembering English words. Or learn the language in a way that emphasizes memorization very well. Or review the English lessons learned today again. To create better memory as well. When is the best time to study a language? From the results of studies in research from countries around the world, it was found that Daily learning time Have the best time which is appropriate for the various learning needs of children between the ages of 7-18 years. There are 2 periods: morning time 9:00-11:00 a.m. and afternoon time 15:00-16:00 hrs. During these times, children will Concentrate on learning at its best. Makes it suitable for studying English or learning various things well. Can focus on studying well. You can choose to study from listening, speaking, reading, and writing according to the needs of the learner. If you want to study English, choose a time that suits you. For learning English, the question: When should we start studying? What time is best to study? We recommend that Let us start by choosing a free time that suits our daily living. To spend time learning English or learn things appropriately Only then will our language learning be effective. It really works. It corresponds to our life time without causing difficulties. Study it first. It's guaranteed to be worth it. Because English will definitely be able to create a good future for us.

Foreign teachers prepare Non-B Workpermit documents. What is it?

Foreign teachers prepare Non-B Workpermit documents. What is it? Foreign teachers who want to work in Thailand What preparations do I need to make? Let's get to know what the Non-B Workpermit document or business visa is. Ready to tell you the complete process for requesting a license. This matter is considered very important. Whether teaching as a regular school Or a tutorial is necessary to do these things well. In order not to waste time, let's read more details.   Let's get to know what the Non-B Workpermit document is. Non-B Workpermit document or business visa is a work permit in Thailand for foreigners. A visa stamp must be submitted before applying for a work permit in Thailand. It is like a passport to legally hiring foreign teachers. The steps and details are as follows.   Procedures for applying for a work permit and business visa 1. Foreigners must apply for a business visa or Visa Non-B valid within 90 days from the Thai Immigration Office. or from the Thai Consulate in that country first 2. When receiving a visa, apply for a 1-year work permit at the Department of Employment. Set the period to not exceed 30 days. 3. If you have received a work permit Please renew your business visa or Non-B Workpermit document for 1 year at the Immigration Office. within 30 days   How many years is the validity of work permits and business visas? For the validity of work permits and business visas The period allowed to work in Thailand is 3 months / 6 months / 1 year and the longest is 2 years, depending on the consideration of the Immigration Office. or of the Department of Employment This will consider various factors such as necessity, type of work, etc.   How much does it cost to get a work permit and business visa? And how many days must I wait for the approval result? - The cost depends on the fee of the type of service used. which will have different prices - If you have complete information and documents, Non-B Workpermit documents, the waiting time for work approval results takes 1 month. For business visas, it takes only 3-7 days.   In addition to getting a work permit and business visa. Can this be done in other cases? - Can expire work permit This is the case for those whose work permits and business visas are about to expire. Must hurry to renew within 45 days if the license has expired. or unable to connect within the specified time That person must apply for permission to work again according to all the same procedures. - If you have another type of visa but want to change to a business visa to work in Thailand Able to follow the procedures for applying for work permits and business visas. - If you find that your work permit is damaged or lost, you must immediately apply for a replacement work permit within 15 days at the Department of Employment. which will be received within 7 days - If you want to change information or add a workplace and job type, submit a request for correction at the Department of Employment. which will be received within 3-7 days   Non-B Workpermit documents are the most important for foreign teachers. The process of obtaining a work permit and business visa or Non-B Workpermit document in Thailand is not as difficult as you think. Just prepare information or documents in complete detail. You can work in Thailand with ease. Anyone who wants to find foreign teachers to help teach can do so.

Recommend movies suitable for practicing English

Recommend movies suitable for practicing English Want to be good at English But don't want to buy an expensive language course. We recommend movies that are suitable for practicing English. Easy to understand vocabulary Can be used in real life Practicing English through watching movies Helps develop English language skills. Because the actors or characters have realistic dialogue and gestures. It makes learning English easier and faster. Let's see what movies are suitable for practicing English. Come have fun with movies that are suitable for practicing English. It's suitable for practicing to be proficient in many aspects, whether it's listening, speaking, reading, with complete flavor. I have to say that anyone who doesn't know what to look and choose. You can find your favorite style from the following recommendations. 1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movies suitable for practicing English The first thing I would like to recommend is a family movie that is suitable for practicing English with fun songs that focus on simple vocabulary that children can learn. It's a fantasy movie. The length of the movie is 1 hour 55 minutes. The story is about a chocolate factory where children They all went on adventures there. It was caused by the factory owner sending chocolate bars to lucky winners. that can come in for the children Only 5 people can enter. 2. Breakfast at Tiffany's Practice English in a casual, retro style with the romantic-comedy movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, which presents the heartfelt language of life that took place in New York City in the 60s. The movie will have a length of 1. Hour 55 Minutes is the story of a heroine who lives amidst the opulence in Manhattan. In those days, gold and silver rings were highly valued. And the heroine also wants to find a partner to marry for wealth. 3. Notting HillAnother movie that is suitable for practicing English. A heart-breaking romantic-comedy from 1999 that is suitable for watching to practice language and relieve stress. The uniqueness of this movie lies in the accents of the actors, who have very precise accents. There is a clash between English and American accents. Anyone who watches it will feel wowed. The movie can be watched for up to 2 hours and 4 minutes. The story is about a famous young actress who falls into an ordinary movie. and ended up together happily 4. Toy StoryLet's continue with the fun and ever-popular animated movie Toy Story, a family-comedy movie. The story is about adventure and there is definitely something to keep you excited throughout. The movie length is 1 hour 21 minutes and it goes by quickly when you watch it. The movie focuses on the use of language in everyday life. After watching, you can use it. 5. The Social NetworkFinally, let's end with a drama movie. Bring tears to your eyes with The Social Network, where the movie tells a biographical story. Life on campus and use of language in court The length of the movie will be 2 hours 1 minute. The best movie for practicing is to choose what you like. English is not difficult anymore. Just watch^ movies that are suitable for practicing English. Introduced above, you can see that there are many styles to choose from. You can choose to watch as you like, but in order to be able to use English fluently. You should always practice and learn new vocabulary.