I want to learn English. Where is the best place to start?

I want to learn English. Where is the best place to start?I believe that there are many people who Want to study English But I don't know how to start. Or what's a good way to start? Because sometimes everyone's understanding of language is not the same. But if you ask about studying according to general basic principles You should start with listening, speaking, reading, and writing in this order. It will be the best way to learn languages. In this article, we will recommend that if you want to study, where is the best place to start? And how should I start? This section is considered a form of learning content. which everyone can adapt and use as they wish Let's see. If you want to learn English, where should you start?1. Start by pronouncing consonants and vowels.For those who have no background at all, it is necessary to study all 26 consonants and vowels of the English language first. Then you need to know how pronunciation can be produced, such as phonics.2. Later, start learning the types of words that exist in English sentences.If you want to study English To be effective, you need to learn the types of words first. Which can be divided into all as follows• Noun (noun)• Pronoun (pronoun)• Verb (verb)• Adjective (adjective)• Adverb (adverb)• Preposition (preposition)• Conjunction (conjunctions)• Interjection (interjection) 3. Understand about “English Structure”In order to be able to understand fully communicated sentences Learning the structure of English is therefore very important. At this point, you can study the use of Tense, but it is recommended that you only have a brief understanding. It's best not to go into depth yet.4. Start learning by listening to your favorite things.After preparing for a period of time Now, to Want to study English The first thing should start with listening. It is recommended that you start by listening to something easy first, then gradually start listening to something more difficult. Or suggest that you choose to listen to the story that you like the most. English will develop very well.5. Practice pronouncing what you hear. Even though I don't know what it meansWhen you are finished listening, make a pronunciation from the sentences you heard. By imitating the accent as closely as possible. Because it is considered beneficial that it will help with future communication very well. And it also helps with speaking.6. Start bringing sentences to find “meaning” to learn vocabulary.When you have learned to listen and speak successfully. Understanding the meaning is therefore very important. It is recommended that you try to find the meaning of unknown words while listening or speaking. Or you can find a group of words that have the same meaning to memorize, or you can find 3000 frequently used Oxford words to memorize as well.7. Practice reading and writing to learn more Tense.Finally, it is practice to read and write, so Tense is very important to learn more. Understand the past, present, and future tense because if you understand, it will help you read better. and can use sentences with correct grammar. Studying English must be consistent.When we know that if Want to study English Where should I start? But there is another thing that is more important: when will you start studying? With this answer, I recommend everyone not to think too much. Because there is only one answer, which is "now." There is nothing better than now. Because if we have a My Set, it will start another day. Those other days may keep getting postponed, so start now and plan your English study schedule.

How to effectively learn English through movies or series.

How to effectively learn English through movies or series. The best way to learn English is to surround yourself with people who speak English. Of course, these things cannot be done by everyone. But there is one thing that can create these environments and that is viewing. “Movie or series” in English every day. If you can do it all the time, even better. Because we will be familiar with the English accent. It will definitely make studying easier. Now let's take a look at how learning English through movies or series can be done. Techniques for watching movies to learn English that can be used in practice Type 1: Watch - Listen - Practice speaking - Practice remembering.• Watch for the first time. Choose to watch a story you like or a story you've seen for a long time with English subtitles on.• Watch a second time, practice pronouncing the actors' accents by pressing pause. (Emphasis on listening then speaking rather than reading the subtitles and speaking) at the same time, write down the words you don't know. arranged in a dictionary style Can turn on English subtitles.• Take the vocabulary that has been written down in a dictionary and memorize it all. Focus on whether you have finished watching 1 story or 1 episode and then start memorizing the vocabulary so that the vocabulary you do not know does not have to be memorized too tightly.Highlights: Will be able to practice English in many areas. Type 2: viewing only• Watch for the first time. Choose to watch a story you like or a story you have watched for a long time. Turn off all the subtitles. Focus on listening and turn off all the subtitles.• Watch for the second time. Choose a story you like or a story you've seen for a long time and turn on the English subtitles to see how much you understand.• Watch a third time in case you watched the first and second times and didn't understand at all. It is recommended to turn on Thai subtitles for the last time watching. To recheck your own understanding for sure. will be used for developmentHighlights: Will be able to increase listening skills and understand meanings better. Type 3: Watching - Listening - Picture in your head.• Choose to watch stories you like or stories you have watched for a long time and turn on all Thai subtitles. Focus on understanding the matter as much as possible.• When doing other activities where you cannot watch movies, such as during traffic jams or driving. or taking a shower Find a movie you just watched and turn on just the sound. If the light feels too fast and you can't understand it, turn it on slowly.• Then imagine the character's facial expression. Who said what sentence? And within the sentence, what does the movie want to convey? What behavior does the character have? This will help with visual memory. Improves long-term memory.Highlights: Change from rote memorization. It's a visual memory. Choose Learn English through movies or seriesAs for the techniques that I would like to recommend for you to try and adapt, there are a total of 3 that everyone can choose according to their aptitude. Or you can choose according to your convenience in terms of time to practice as well. However, when studying movies or series, it is recommended to start with something simple, such as movies about daily life first or choose something you have already seen. Then gradually Move to more complex skins. Or more difficult words can be used according to the convenience of each person.

Introducing how to take the basic English test for people who can't translate at all.

Introducing how to take the basic English test for people who can't translate at all.Taking an English test is something we all have to face. In this article, we will introduce How to take an English test For people who are unable to translate English at all. Or even if it can be translated, it can only be translated as words. When put together into a sentence, it can't be translated. The solution in this section is a preliminary and temporary solution. Or you can look at it as a shortcut. It can be divided into 2 parts: preparation and taking the exam. The details are as follows. Preparing before the preliminary exam does not take much time.1. Remember the meaning of Wh question + How … (followed)First, how to take the English test. What is considered very important is to remember the Wh question + How as much as possible. What does each thing mean? Because if we know what he's asking We will know what to answer. Even though the choice can't be translated even a little bit.• what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why, and how• How long (how long) , How old (how old) , How mush (how much does it cost) , How many (how many) 2. Remember as many verbs as possible.Memorizing as many verbs as possible means knowing the action of the subject. In order to be able to capture the sentence: What exactly is the president doing? At this point, you can find vocabulary about verbs to memorize. 3. Remember the patterns of past, present, and future tenses.Remembering the form of tense is very important. Because it will make us know about the time in which period we are. However, it is not necessary to remember them all. But let's know roughly. What does each Tense look like? Because most of the time, if a question comes in the past form, the “answer” also comes in the past form. You can start taking the exam even if you can't translate everything.1. Look for Wh question + How … or if it's DO, circle it.Start by finding out the Wh question + How in the exam that is in the question section. Or is it the part of the conversation that means what it means? In this way, you will be able to find the purpose of finding the answer in that exam.2. Look for the verb in the sentence because it is always preceded by the subject.To sweep your eyes completely, look for words. circle the verb Before looking at the word before the verb, what is the subject? Because these two things are always next to each other. We can guess what the subject + verb is doing.3. Keep reading until the end. Complete the sentence.Sentences in English only end when . If there is a , sign, it means that the main point is still in the original sentence. And after the verb is the entire modifier clause.4. Try reading the sentence roughly to see what kind of tense it is. Summary: How to take the English test It's suitable for people who can't translate at all.When reading up to this point, everyone will probably see that How to take an English test For people who can't translate at all, this is only a temporary method. is permanently unusable and can actually be used in everyday life Suitable for solving emergency problems just a few weeks before taking the exam. Or suitable for beginners who need to start something. But it didn't start right. Ultimately, learning English will require a lot of flying hours to study, diligence, and complete understanding. Everyone's English can improve.

How to organize an English study schedule that works for yourself.

How to organize an English study schedule that works for yourself.In learning English, daily consistency is very important. Because it is something that must be learned often and repeated every day in order to be good at it. In this article, we will introduce how to organize English class schedule How to make it work the most which everyone can apply and adapt at their convenience By adhering to the principle of not being too tight. Not too slack When studying, you must feel comfortable. Don't stress too much because in the end it will turn out that you are unable to learn English. Suggestions on how to organize an English study schedule EffectivelyFirst of all, you need to understand how to organize an English study schedule. You must know what you want to study. It can be divided into basic types: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This part can be divided according to aptitude. Whichever one you are more skilled at, may take a little less time, etc. When organizing a class schedule, the following things must be taken into account.• How many days will you study in a week and how many hours will you study per day?Everyone must clearly specify how many days of study will be in a week. But I recommend that you don't study every day to give yourself time to relax. To reduce the symptoms of burnout And it is very important to clearly define study hours. Do not reduce from what has been specified. To create the habit of being familiar with studying as much as possible• Find the best time that suits your organizing the English study schedule You need to find a time that makes you feel like you can study most effectively. Have the most concentration and nothing disturbs It allows us to focus on our studies. Most people tend to choose the morning time when they wake up. In the evening after returning home Or even during the night which is considered to be quiet and creates a lot of concentration.• Make a detailed To Do List of what you need to study.Once we have set the time to study, Now we have to evaluate ourselves first. What subjects would you like to study? Are there any points that you are not good at? Or do you not understand? Try to write this down as an action. So that we can see what we need to study, for example, if we don't understand tenses about the future, we can make a To Do List like this.• Take the To Do List you wrote down and organize what you will study each day.Now that the To Do List is complete. It is very important for us to prioritize which one we should study first and which one later. This can be considered simply by choosing to study the subjects we should know first. before studying the content in the next section Because if we choose to study across levels, it will make us confused. and efficiency in learning can decrease Follow the English study schedule. Every day you can improve for sure.In conclusion, learning English cannot be completed in a day or two. But it takes months or even years to develop the language to its full potential. Following an English study schedule It is considered the key to success. leads to consistency and create good long-term habits Therefore, if we have a truly determined heart I recommend you to go ahead and do it. Don't think ahead of time that studying might not be useful. Or think negatively in order to absolutely undermine yourself.