Why is learning English by yourself not successful?

Why is learning English by yourself not successful? I believe that many people try to learn English by themselves. often But for the most part, it can be done in a short while. Finally gave up. When I want to study again, I reset myself. Finally gave up again. It becomes an endless loop and English language development is very slow. In this article, we will give the reason. along with advice on how to do it To study English better Why do you fail at learning English by yourself? Learning English by yourself It must be said that there are many reasons for not being successful. If summarized into points, the following reasons will be obtained. ·       The goal of learning English is not clear. ·       Lack of discipline in learning English ·       I don't know where to start studying so I study the wrong way. ·       Shy in learning English when it comes to speaking exercises.   Setting your own goals for learning English is the most important thing. Setting learning goals is the most important thing that must be made concrete. Suppose you want to join this faculty. But English is required. Aiming for a passing score may not be enough. But let's imagine that if we were to join this faculty, what would the picture of our university be like? This will increase motivation better.   What are the ways to learn English by yourself? Learning English by yourself It is considered to have a fixed form. Because it depends on each person which style they like. In this era, most people tend to study according to these methods. ·       Learn from watching movies and watching series. This type of learning is considered the most popular. Because we will be listening, speaking, and reading at once. If everyone wants to know how to study through movies or series, they can come and watch. How to learn English from movies or series (You can paste links to previous articles.) ·       Learn from playing games, which I must say is equally popular. If anyone likes playing games then Will be able to speak English very quickly. Because we are involved in this story. If it were a story-based game, It will make us want to know the meaning of the words. In order to have more fun playing games. ·       Learning by listening to music is another interesting way. For people who like to listen to foreign music. If you can see the translation or know the meaning, it will make listening to the song more engaging and satisfying until those words that we never knew the meaning of will stay in your head. Sometimes we may know that we remember this word because we like the song. ·       But if anyone tries all 3 methods and it doesn't work. Because I enjoy it to the point of forgetting to study. Really studying according to the curriculum is the best way to discipline your studies. And make you know the steps from beginning to end on how to study in order to develop. Learning English requires choosing a method that suits you. Learning English by yourself It is necessary to choose the method that suits you most. The meaning of the word most suitable is the most fun. Because if it's not fun then Learning will be slow and you may fail. But if anyone doesn't know what to do? Consultation with English teaching experts To find a study method that is suitable for yourself Or having a teacher to teach will make learning more accurate and faster.

Introducing how to use Flash cards in various formats

Introducing how to use various flash cards In learning English, memorizing vocabulary is very important. Because it will help make communication better. Each person has different techniques. In particular, the method of using flash cards is considered very popular. Because it can be used from children to adults. But before going to know how to use it. Let's get to know more about the word flash card. Before you know how to use a flash card, let's see what this is. Flash cards are vocabulary cards that will help you remember vocabulary better. Can be made from a large size suitable for childhood. Or do it in small pieces? And string a loop to carry anywhere. This one is suitable for adults. The efficiency of flash cards will help make vocabulary easier to remember. It's definitely better than memorizing words orally. And besides English, you can also use flash cards to memorize other languages.   Introducing how to use flash cards, choose them as needed.1. Make a flash card as a picture. Making a flash card with pictures means having English words on the front. The picture translation is at the back. Memorizing English words as pictures will make memorizing them easier. Because we don't need to translate Thai and imagine it again. Normally, humans tend to remember various events. through pictures rather than text by using flash cards if it's for little kids. There are usually vocabulary cards that can be played. But if you are an adult, you can find thick paper and make your own flash cards. 2. Make flash cards, organize vocabulary into word groups. Making flash cards, arranging vocabulary into word groups. is to bring English words that have the same translations Let's organize them in a flash card or what we will call a "synonym". The method may require a large piece of paper. Then, on the front, write all the words. those down Then on the other side, write the Thai translation. Remembering this is like shooting birds many times. And can add a lot of vocabulary as well. As for how to use flash cards, this one will be very suitable for students or students. 3. Make flash cards with how to use vocabulary. Making flash cards with how to use vocabulary It is considered a method that is not often found. But if you can do this, you will understand the vocabulary in sentences more. The first page will be a picture of a word. With English translation When you turn the paper over on the back, you will see pictures of sentences where those words have been used to compose sentences. How to use this flash card: On the first page, you must turn off the English translation and look at the picture first. When you guess correctly, you can look at the sentences to enhance your understanding. This one is very suitable for adults. The more vocabulary you remember, the more you will be able to understand English. In conclusion, if you want to be good at English, you need to know more vocabulary and memorize more. The method of using flash cards is considered very useful. Because not only will it help to remember vocabulary more easily We can still review it regularly at all times. It's also convenient and easy to carry. Wherever you are, you can learn vocabulary. Let's choose the method that we have recommended and which one you like and do it like that.

How to find goals in learning English

How to find English study goals to improve your studies I believe that many people who study English already have a desired destination. But there are some people who are still looking. The goal of learning English is not achieved, or the goal that you yourself have set is not strong. no driving force Therefore unable to study English as expected. In this article, we will introduce a method for finding goals that can be seen in concrete form. or set a clear finish line In order to reach the set goals more easily But what methods are there? Let's see.   A collection of great ways to find goals for learning English. You can choose as you like.1. Learn English in order to work abroad. The goal that many people have set is to work abroad. Setting this goal is a good goal because being English-speaking to go abroad is not just for work. It also means that you want to live abroad. This is considered a goal for studying English. That can create motivation to study or work very well. 2. Learn English to increase your salary. If this is the goal of most working people, they want to acquire English in order to increase their salary in their daily lives and those of their families. And learning English allows you to advance further in your career. Promote positions more quickly and may receive many opportunities compared to non-English speakers. Therefore, studying for this goal can be considered a good thing as well. 3. Study English for the exam. Another thing that is often seen about English learning goals That is the exam. The examination here refers to examinations in every country starting from examinations during school age. Tests to measure language level and many more, which simply put, are the passport to reaching your dreams. Suppose you want to enter the Faculty of Law at Chula, it is necessary to take the CU-Tep exam that is considered a pass. before 4. Learn English to receive information from around the world. If anyone uses Google often to find answers to things they want to know in Thai. It is often found that Thai language articles cannot provide answers. Therefore, using English will make it easier to access information sources or things you want to know. and can be accessed all over the world Especially in English, it must be said that there are many insights that we can put to good use. 5. Learn English to watch movies, play games, listen to music. English learning goals It doesn't always have to be big. Because sometimes we often want to get entertainment from watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. But when I can't translate it I can't understand. It can make the fun drop. Therefore, learning English in order to make these things more fun. It is considered an excellent level of motivation. Because it really came out of our needs, 100%.   Setting goals for learning English is important. No matter what you do, setting goals is important. Especially setting goals for learning English. The clearer the goal, the more it can be accomplished. However, learning English requires a lot of physical and mental strength and discipline. and must have time to study regularly Because if these things are missing Even if it's successful But in the end, when time passed We may forget the English language that we have studied. So I want everyone to change their mindset after achieving their goals to become something “fun” or a “daily routine” that needs to be done instead.

Introducing popular English learning apps

Introducing popular English learning appsNowadays, there are many options for learning English. Which if anyone wants to learn by themselves I will introduce an application to learn English. There will be various functions that will help develop English skills very well. You can choose the application that helps promote learning the most. and suitable for people That's very good as well. For anyone who is in the technology field, you must not miss this article. 5 most popular English learning apps1. DuolingoDuolingo, an English learning application It is an app that many people know. It comes in the form of a "green bird" that can be used to learn English at all levels and at all ages. according to ability The app is designed to make learning more fun with cute cartoon pictures. It functions like playing a game to pass levels. It is also an app that makes it possible to study English regularly.2.CakeCake is another one. English learning application that Thai people like to study very much The design will be in the style of teenagers. Starting day Makes it interesting and different from other apps. This app has pronunciation, vocabulary, conversation sentences, and many other things that will make learning more fun. But if anyone is bored Normal learning has fun games. Let everyone play together as well.3. Hello EnglishHello English is another interesting app. that focuses on learning English in real use For example, Defining various situations To get into the context of the language Having characters and stories to give us an overall understanding of the English language. In other words, it's like being in a smooth English environment. It is considered to be another app that is very interesting. Everyone should absolutely not miss it.4. Johnny GrammarIf anyone wants to study English seriously. It was as if a teacher came to teach closely. We recommend you to try using Johnny Grammar which will test your English level to see what level you are at. In order to measure and develop specific points very well Especially grammar, vocabulary and conversation are taken seriously. Can be used in the TOEIC exam. Suitable for people who want to practice specifically for exams.5. DropsFor English learning applications The last thing I'd like to recommend is Drops, which focuses on making apps to facilitate people's lives these days. Even if you have only a little time, you can practice your English effectively. It will focus on learning vocabulary that will emphasize visual memorization. So that we don't have to translate English into Thai. But the meaning can be understood through pictures. At the same time, the app has many games to make studying not just studying anymore. Makes learning more fun than ever before.Learn English conveniently anywhere, anytime.In conclusion, using Applications for learning English have many advantages that have been mentioned above. But there are advantages that are considered the best. That is, we can study anywhere, anytime, as long as we have a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can be used to teach. For this article, I hope it will be more or less useful to you friends. Try downloading several apps and choosing the one you like the most.